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About US



Educational mathematical site

The main purposes of this project are to create a unified and self-contained site for everybody who uses mathematical packages in science and education and to integrate all Russian-speaking users.

Target groups

  • Students in higher mathematics
  • Lecturers in mathematics using computers
  • Mathematical packages users


  • Higher mathematics Internet-class - lectures ready to be held in computer class on mathematical analysis, linear algebra, ordinary differential equations, probability theory, calculus mathematics, complex variable function theory; Matlab, Mathematica and Mathcad templates to perform a wide range of typical higher mathematics tasks

  • Methods - authoring by lecturers (laboratory practical work, materials to lecturers, etc), oriented in using mathematical packages during studying

  • Students' tasks bank - students' working papers using with mathematical packages

  • Categories dedicated to the most popular mathematical packages: Matlab, Mathematica, Mathcad, Maple, etc - manuals, descriptions of packages resources, users methods, and list of literature

  • Free mathematical soft - demo-versions of packages, free soft, archives of articles and books

  • Useful links - links on educational internet-resources, producers of the popular mathematical packages, domestic elaborations, etc

  • Contests of the site - for students and lecturers. Winners will be presented licensed mathematical software by the company SoftLine

  • Forum of mathematical packages users.


The project is developed by Softline ( with the help of Russian institute lecturers.

The idea of the project is Slivina Natalia Aleksandrovna.

Institutes, distance education centres, organizations, and people interested in the project may take part and collaborate in



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